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Perryville, MO


Though I'm drawn to simple things in my life, it's vibrant, unexpected
colors that lead me to art as a child. My personal world has been
immersed in art and creative processes for over 30 years. Everything
I see naturally becomes an unpainted work that I log into my mind as
something I hope to have time to create.

Studied on Achievement Grants in Workshops at:
The Kansas City Art Institute - Early 80's

Exhibited Work: Pencil and Acrylic on Paper - Still Life
On Permanent Display - 1978
Smith-Hale School, Kansas City, MO

Hallmark's Crown Center, Kansas City, MO
Mixed Media Still Life on Paper
Acrylic Pop-Art on Hard Board

Faye Robertson; my late mother, for introducing many elementary
school students, including myself, to studying and appreciating the
Old Masters.

Pieter Bruegel; Flemish painter for his many scenes of common life.

Andy Warhol; for impacting us all with the huge idea that common
things can become art.

Henri Matisse; for his artistically inappropriate choices of color that
showed us how to express moods and feelings through the boldness
and temperatures of the hues rather than the perfection of the forms.

And many, many visits to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas
City, MO all through my school years, taking it all in. While there,
always buying little pocket postcard sized art prints as a child and
cherishing the collection just as a young boy may do with baseball cards.


Young Male Nude by Sheri Parris


Bic Razor Abstract Orange by Sheri Parris


Snowy Barn by Sheri Parris


Alabama Swamp by Sheri Parris


Eraser Box by Sheri Parris


Teen Boy's Portrait by Sheri Parris


Ghosts of Great-Grandmother and Child by Sheri Parris


Green Apple by Sheri Parris


Clover in Sidewalk by Sheri Parris


Stock Broker 4 by Sheri Parris


Windshield by Sheri Parris


The Shrine Of the Miraculous Medal by Sheri Parris


Sunset by Sheri Parris


Male in Blue by Sheri Parris


Apple and Oranges by Sheri Parris


Broadway Bird's Nest in Tree Trunk by Sheri Parris


House Plant Small by Sheri Parris


Watercolor Rings by Sheri Parris


Old Soda Bottle One by Sheri Parris


Old Manual Typewriter by Sheri Parris


Pink Collar Man by Sheri Parris


Shirtless Young Male by Sheri Parris


George Gershwin Composing by Sheri Parris


Glenn Gould 1965 by Sheri Parris


Barber Shop and City Tavern by Sheri Parris